"Territory" is the only contemporary art festival and school in Russia with international status. The educational program is an important component of both the main festival and regional projects. Within the school, young professionals, selected according to the results of a questionnaire competition, attend lectures and master classes by the festival participants and invited specialists - famous theatre directors, artists, critics and producers. Now videos of the best events of the educational program are available on the official website.
General partner of Festival — Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation
Meeting with Kirill Serebrennikov
Workshop by Konstantin Bogomolov "Theatre like a memory"
Workshop by Antonio Latella
"Choir in search of an author"
Workshop by Ruslan Malikov "Documentary theatre: profanation, speculation or research"
Creative meeting with Boris Yukhananov
Master class with Stéphane Braunschweig
Creative meeting with Stéphane Braunschweig
Creative meeting with Yevgeny Marchelli
Lecture by Avtandil Varsimashvili
"Shakespeare. Interpretation"
Workshop by Thaddeus Phillips
Lecture by Viktor Ryzhakov
Master class with Andrey Uraev
"Actor's body"
Master class with Andrey Uraev
Master class with Yuri Muravitsky
Master class with Sofia Jupither
Master classes with Maxim Didenko
Master class with Roman Feodori
"Theatre like a playing element"
Lecture by Natasha Kirillova
"Positioning and self-presentation
of an actor in modern conditions"
Lecture by Amir Tagiev
"Teenage body in art, theatre,
social taboos"
Workshop by Anne-Cécile Vandalem
Master class with Ingeborga Dapkūnaitė
Master class with "Dialogue Dance"
"Body as an instrument
of perception"
Workshop by Marta Kangro
"The presence is real"
Master class with ITMOI
Master class with Anna Abalikhina
Master class with Rachid Ouramdane
Master class with Tero Saarinen
Tatiana Baganova and artists
of the theatre "Provincial theatres" about modern choreography
Training by Tatiana Baganova
"Involvement method"
Creative meeting with Olivier Dubois
Dance master class with Vladimir Varnava
Lecture by Vita Khlopova "Regional dance companies in Russia"
Lecture by Irina Sirotkina "Dance, kinaesthesia and body empathy"
Lecture by Anastasia Proshutinskaya "Body and memory"
Master class with Anna Abalihina
Workshop by Guilherme Botelho
Master class by Konstantin Keykhel
Meeting with Alexandr Shein
about documentary "Timur Novikov. Object zero"
Master class with Aleksey German Jr.
Creative meeting with Alexander Galibin
Lecture by Anton Dolin
Meeting with Alexandr Shein about documentary "Timur Novikov. Object zero"
Meeting with Brett Beyli "Exploring the world of Exhibit B"
Meeting with the participants and curators of the "Shakespeare. Labyrinth""Several steps from the museum to the theatre"
Lecture by Mark Gerden
"Jan Fabre: In search of a body"
Workshop by Matías Umpierrez "Interdisciplinary artist"
Workshop by Galya Solodovnikova
and Philipp Grigoryan "Artist in theatre"
Workshop by Jan Pappelbaum "Power is beautiful! Contemporary aesthetics of seduction on stage"
Lecture by Yan Kalnberzin
"The body in the theatre of new technologies"
Lecture by Anatoly Smelyansky "Adventures of the idea of art theatre in Russia and in the world"
Meeting with Roman Dolzhansky "Discussion of the festival"
Lecture by Anna Shavgarova "Features of the formation and development of the Far Eastern theatre"
Lecture by Elena Smorodinova "Documentary theatre in Russia"
Lecture by Elena Smorodinova
Lecture by Roman Dolzhansky "New theatrical terms. Talking about modern theatre"
Lecture by Alla Shenderova "Who is who in the theatre of the XXI century. From Robert Wilson to Kirill Serebrennikov"
Lecture by Kristina Matvienko
Lecture by Anna Stepanova
Lecture by Roman Dolzhansky
Lecture by Gleb Sitkovsky "The worlds of Eimuntas Nekrošius: was there a body in the beginning?"
Discussion with Alyona Solntseva and Vyacheslav Dubynin "The body is in war and in disaster"
Lecture by Maria Shevtsova
Lecture by Maria Revyakina
"How the Golden Mask works"
Lecture by Rostislav Protasov "Development of the cultural life of the region, taking into account world experience"
Discussion with Rostislav Protasov "How to release and sell a performance?"
Lecture by Ilya Kukharenko
"Modern theatre and performative art in small towns"
Workshop by Elena Kovalskaya
Master class with Vyacheslav Ignatov "Home shadow theatre"
Workshop by Alexey Kokhanov "Impovisation. Liberation of voice"
Lecture by Natalia Pschenitschnikova "Voice body"
Lecture by Alexander Girshon
"Injury body"