Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Russian Academic Youth Theatre (Small Stage)
This is a road movie about a teenager growing up. Fairy chthonic powers of nature oppose the human world. Vasilissa, the main character, feels attached to both. She is worried she may seem weird to others, but it is boring to live by the rules and be like everyone else. So, Vasilissa embarks on a journey of her coming-of-age. She will have to face fear, betrayal, first love, and, finally, make a choice between her family and her power to call forces of nature.

Looking for her true self and trying to understand where she comes from, Vasilissa has to accept herself. She will also find out something about the nature of evil and otherworldly forces, having learned the story of her unusual origin.
The world is not black and white: evil can be attractive and charming, while good can be insincere and ostentatious. Vasilissa fearlessly decides to accept everything she learns on her way. She starts an adult dialogue with the world and, in doing so, turns out to be extremely important to it.

Philip Gurevich is an actor and director. He graduated from the Mikhail Shchepkin Higher Theatre School (Dmitry Koznov's studio) in 2009 and from the directing department of the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (Oleg Kudryashov's studio) in 2018. He directed Gandhi Was Silent on Saturdays (School of Modern Play), Light Without Heat (Yermolova Theatre), Mum, and Who Is This in the Photo? in Sovremennik Theatre, White Ships in Ryazan Theatre on Sobornaya, Nulin. Theatrical Anecdote in Artistic Association 9.
Creative team
Playwright – Maria Malukhina
Director – Philipp Gurevich
Artist – Аnna Agafonova
Light – Pavel Babin

Cast: Polina Lashkevich, Anna Dvorzhetskaya, Alexey Gladkov, Konstantin Yurchenko, Denis Fomin, Vladimir Zomerfeld, Polina Vitorgan
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