Second Act Theatre Company, Meyerhold Center
Last spring, there was a campaign organised at the Meyerhold Centre: anyone could come to the Embroidery Group by Vanya Bowden and take part in the embroidering of a large canvas. This shared experience was not just a meditative practice but also the preparation for the premiere of the Triumph performance. 88 volunteers, together with the artist, embroidered a giant tiger — the work follows the shape of the map of Russia. It became the basis for the performance set design.

The director Andrey Stadnikov and his regular co-authors — the artists Shifra Kazhdan and Vanya Bowden, the producers Daria Verner and Evgenia Petrovskaya — dedicated the project to the awareness of human presence in the urban and rural space. Ira Ga, the choreographer, has created a score of movements that conveys bustling city life with the actors' dance moves. The village is shown as a ghost of the past, as a place which used to be inhabited by people, but it got abandoned. So now, the village is unwilling to let people back. The performance features poems about the village, and the folk songs by the Kómon Folk Ensemble appeal to the forgotten sense of contact with nature and proximity to the land.
Creative team
  • Second Act Theatre Company
  • Direction — Andrey Stadnikov
  • Design — Vanya Bowden
  • Costume Design — Shifra Kazhdan
  • Light Design — Anton Astakhov
  • Choreography — Ira Ga
  • Performers: Alexey Martynov, Inna Sukhoretskaya, Komon Ensemble (Maria Medvedchenkova, Marina Rakhmatullina, Maria Shishova, Ilya Sharov, Anastasia Chentsova)