Running time: 1 hour

TSEKH-1 and TSEKH-2 dance companies (Moscow)
In Where Trees Are Taller Than Buildings plastic performance, the theatre serves as a safe space. There, any problem can be addressed and the audience can find the solutions together with the actors using the dialogue.

The participants of the performance — teenagers aged 12 to 16 — reflect on freedom and how difficult it is to choose between what you want and what you have to do. They speculate on how important it is to take care of yourself and those around you and about the delicate connection between yourself and the world around you. These and many other questions are familiar to the audience, too. They will be able to discuss issues that are hard to solve when you are on your own, get support during this difficult period of growing up, and start a safe and open conversation with parents and older friends who need this interaction just as much.

This performance is not a school lesson and not just a concert: this is a place where you can share your thoughts and feelings without feeling judged and be heard.

Director Sasha Rudik is a dancer and choreography teacher. She holds a master's degree in choreography. She has created the Dance Weekend contemporary dance educational project for children and curates several children's groups in the Tsekh contemporary dance center. Rudik is a co-organiser and artistic director of the Children Dance festival and representative of the inclusive dance educational program Switch2move (Netherlands) in Russia. As a guest teacher and independent choreographer, she collaborates with the Theatre of Nations, Lumiere Brothers Gallery, Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, the independent Liquid Theater, Ugol creative lab, etc. Rudik also teaches contemporary choreography at the School of Classical Dance, Russian Institute of Theatre Arts, and Yukhananov's Studio of Individual Directing.
Creative team
Choreographer — Sasha Rudik
TSEKH-1 and TSEKH-2 dance companies
Composer — Georgy Chikovani
Artist — Ekaterina Ryakhovskaya

Performers: Agnessa Serdyukova, Stefania Serdyukova, Anna Litvinova, Milana Finogenova, Sofia Olitskaya, Natasha Doroshina, Tais Begunova, Tasya Kesareva, Olya Kalenik, Polina Lavrinets, Liza Trofimova, Margarita Peshkova, Liza Babakova