Running time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Alexander Manotskov, "Avrora" Children's choir
In the Requiem, or Children's Games performance, Alexander Manotskov acts both as a composer and a director. The name may seem contradictory at first sight, but it matches the performance idea. During the hour-long action, children will sing a Latin funeral mass while playing traditional games. The Aurora children's choir, led by Anastasia Belyaeva, will perform a full canonical text of the Requiem. The singing will be accompanied by the well-known pat-a-cake, playing with coins, blind man's buffs, scary tales, the statues game, and other children's rituals, which, according to folklorists, are associated with the otherworld.

The archaic ritual energy and children's liveliness get combined into one performance, where games are a method that allows young performers to engage in united action. That is how a single space, where the musical part of the performance takes place, is formed. As a result of the well-coordinated process of playing the games, we get a score skilfully performed by the children.
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