An exhibition and a series of workshops

Introduction to contemporary art with a playful approach

MMOMA Educational center, 17 Ermolaevsky Lane
PLAYMMOMA is a project aimed at introducing children to contemporary art in a playful way. The exhibition structure will follow the rules: the participants, one after another, will write answers to the questions—who? where? when? with whom? what were they doing? what happened? The answers ultimately determine the route of the exhibition. The guide also has a small text with questions about works and tasks that children will be able to complete in the interactive areas.

During the exhibition, children will have a chance to participate in a performance, create their objects, try different printers, draw their comics, or make a soundscape. Besides, there will be a whole series of workshops on street painting, modern choreography, graphic design, video art, and sound design. These and many other activities will help viewers expand their understanding of contemporary art and even become authors themselves.
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