The Adventures of Peter the Shoemaker

1 hour 10 minutes

Provincial Dances Modern Choreography Theatre (Yekaterinburg)
Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, main stage
Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, main stage
The Yekaterinburg Provincial Dances Theatre, 12-times nominee and holder of 6 Golden Mask Awards, will show the latest premiere at the XV Festival-School Territory. The Adventures of Peter the Shoemaker is a moral performance for the whole family, in which the magic world of fairy tales is played out in the language of dance. The action is based on folk tales and nursery rhymes. Each of the dancers interprets the plots in their owm way: as a result, the performance becomes like a series, consisting of separate inserted short stories. Popular pictures from children's books are overgrown with unexpected associations that viewers can interpret in their own way. The visual range of the performance was developed by a young talented artist from Nizhny Tagil Alisa Gorshenina.

Tatiana Baganova
Project curator
  • Project curator and author of the project: Tatiana Baganova
  • Choreographers: Kirill Zaitsev, Ekaterina Zanina, Ksenia Kaplun, Anton Lavrov, Alexandra Stolyarova, Anton Shmakov