An Island

Dialogue Dance Company

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes without intermission
Dialogue Dance Company performs in the physical theatre genre. The composed movement of the dancers is a source of dramatism while the human body becomes a narration tool. The performers tell stories using dance and create not an abstraction but familiar images, emotions, and plots. Their non-verbal statements are incredibly expressive.

An Island, staged by the choreographers Ivan Estegneev and Evgeny Kulagin, is about people excluded from society and its conventions. Disagreement, rebellion, rejection of social boundaries, and prohibitions — these are the sides of a conflict that five young people explore and convey through their eclectic movements.

The authors do not specify the location. An island is a symbol of the characters' inability to run away and hide. The area where the group of young people is forced to stay is an allegory of social unfreedom they do not want to put up with. This hopelessness makes the characters that do not know each other communicate and experience a range of intense feelings — from anger to deep affection.

The unspoken sensuality of An Island manifests itself through embodied movement as if sending you back in centuries — to the times of early communication when it was natural to express yourself physically. So the plot is both an anthropological experiment and an attempt to test the limits of human behavior outside of social norms.

The project is supported by the Mikhail Prokhorov Foundation and the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation.

Creative Team
Dialogue Dance Company
Choreography — Ivan Estegneev and Evgeny Kulagin
Composer — Alexey Nadzharov
Light Design — Natalia Kuznetsova
Costume Design — Alexander Devyatchenko
Performers: Tatiana Karavanova, Marina Kherolyants, Anastasia Radkova, Igor Sharoyko
Andrey Petrushenkov