Vladislav Nastavshev's concert
Rassvet Palace of Culture

Director Vladislav Nastavshev has created a concert program that includes several pieces he wrote for his performances and completely new compositions. Songs based on the poems by the Silver Age poet Mikhail Kuzmin from the play The Trout Breaking the Ice, which Nastavshev directed and composed music for, will be performed on stage. Nastavshev's composing experience is diverse and not limited to music for theatre performances. At the end of 2020, together with Ivan Lubennikov, they released a joint album called Again, it will be sweet, which contains synthpop arrangements of poems by Russian poets. After the record release, Nastavshev announced his next program — songs based on poems by a contemporary Latvian poet Semyon Khanin (Alexander Zapol). At the concert, Vladislav Nastavshev will perform a part of the latter program and some other compositions to piano accompaniment.