Running time: 55 minutes

School of Dramatic Theatre, "Manezh" Hall
How do we come together when everything is pushing us apart?

How do we perceive one another when soaring walls surround us? What language do we choose?

How do we face the mountain of cultural stereotypes?

What is this dance of interlacing and junction, of fissure and fusion? It's a dance of cat and mouse, a dance exploring antagonistic forces.

Here, bodies flirt with irony — a desire for joy, a desire for melancholy. Shihya Peng and Marco Di Nardo's bodies transform into two distorted mirrors, uncovering more about ourselves than we thought we knew. They carry each other, fly, fall, exasperate each other, then get up and walk together.
W.A.M. is like a hidden fable, a secret story — a dance of universal scope — performed in sequences and accompanied with flashes of text by Fabrice Melquiot (who collaborated on the rewrite and dramaturgy). With each move, jump or chase, the two dancers search for a childhood memory, a country to live in together, or to live in with others.

A dance of combat in search of harmony.

With humour, W.A.M. speaks to the young and to the less young. It questions our inner multiple identities and the way they are jostled by others.

Creative team
Company Wang Ramirez (France)

  • Concept, choreography: Honji Wang & Sébastien Ramirez
  • With: Marco Di Nardo and Shihya Peng
  • Text adaptation and actor direction: Fabrice Melquiot
  • Original dramaturgy: Vincent Rafis
  • Composition: Ilia Koutchoukov aka Everydayz /+∞
  • Light design: Cyril Mulon
  • Set design: Ida Ravn
  • Costumes: Honji Wang
  • Additional music: Bachar Mar-Khalifé / Balcoon, Carlos Gardel, Alva Noto, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis
  • Arrangements: Fabien Biron
  • Voice recording and sound arrangement: Clément Aubry
  • Technical Manager: Guillaume Giraudo
  • Executive production: Company Wang Ramirez, Clash66
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