Alma Mater Foundation and Dom Radio (Saint Petersburg)
Judith by Boris Pavlovich gives a new meaning to the story of a woman devoted to her people, who killed the Assyrian commander Holofernes. The well-known Old Testament plot is just the frame of this extremely relevant play written by Klim. His texts stand out for the poetic language, the special melody of unfinished phrases, and his monologic style. The plot usually gives way to some proclamation to the world and sometimes, to confession.

Judith. The Secret Diary play is written in Ukrainian and staged as Katerina Taran's monologue. The important thing is that Taran performs in her native language. She does not transform into her character literally. The dramatic tension is based on the actress's national identity and the tragic myth intertwining with the destiny of an average human being.

Composer Aleksey Vostrikov does sound design right in the middle of the performance and works with the actress's voice — it allows creating an echo to the accompaniment of Ukrainian folk instruments. The auditory side of Judith is important as the figure of speech proposed by the playwright produces an extraordinary sound and turns the monologue into a kind of song.

Creative Team
Alma Mater Foundation and Dom Radio (Saint Petersburg)
Direction — Boris Pavlovich
Actress — Katerina Taran
Composer — Alexey Vostrikov
Production designer — Olga Pavlovich
Video art — Kesha Bashinsky
Light design — Anatoly Lyapin