Running time: 50 minutes

Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Small Stage
Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Small Stage
Stanislavsky Electrotheatre, Small Stage
The ocean is polluted and has become a dumping ground for waste. A poor lonely man wanders along the shore going through trash and looking for something valuable he could sell. This daily ritual is a symbol of accepting chaos and indifference. The main character, just like other remains of civilization, has also been thrown on this coast and can hardly answer whether he has any worth at all. The answer comes with a moving bundle washed ashore and smeared with oil. Under the layers of plastic, the poor man discovers a scared penguin, whom he decides to call Dzhinzhik.

The parable-like play was inspired by an incident that happened in Brazil in 2011. Puppet and drama theatres came together and, with the help of animation, created a magical story. A lonely man and a little penguin Dzhinzhik saved each other in the destroyed, empty world.

The play was created with the support of the Harlequin Russian National Award for the best productions for children and the Presidential Grants Fund.

Creative team

  • Director and staging author: Yana Tumina
  • Yana Tumina's Laboratory (St. Petersburg)
  • Scenography: Kira Kamalidinova, Kirill Malovichko, Masha Nebesnaya
  • Video: Kirill Malovichko, Masha Nebesnaya
  • Dolls: Kira Kamalidinova
  • Arrangement: Anatoly Gonier
  • Lighting Designer: Vasily Kovalev
  • Actors: Alexander Balsanov and Anna Somkina
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