Running time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Centre for Drama and Directing (on Begovaya)
Chernomor's Notes is about the magical world of Lukomorye that suddenly becomes real with the help of the shadow theatre modern scenography. The audience should get ready for fantastic adventures—they will learn about the legendary events of the famous fairy tale firsthand. Chernomor managed to live longer than other historical figures, Ruslan, Lyudmila, their children, and even grandchildren. He is willing to share memories of his glorious past. He laughs at his previous actions and admires the feat of the fearless Ruslan. Chernomor nostalgically recalls the times of the great heroes and villains — his contemporaries. Besides, it has been a long time since he stopped practicing magic, which is why the memories of the wonderful past mean so much to him.

In Chernomor's Notes play, well-known myths and legends become the real past of the real character. Alexander Pushkin's famous fairy tale is brought to life on stage and turns it into an adventure story.
Creative team
Trickster Theatre and Centre for Drama and Directing

Starring Sergey Melkonyan
Director — Vyacheslav Ignatov
Set Designers — Olga and Elena Bekritsky
Producer — Maria Litvinova
Video artists — Andrey Belyatsky, Vladimir Sakhnov
Lighting Designer — Anna Korotkova