An hour of a place
Audiovisual installation

1 hour

Collaboration with Territory Festival and Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA)
The story of An hour of a place project of the teatr post (St. Petersburg) demonstrates the capability of the temporal context to renew meanings in art. The project originated back in March 2016, when Ivan Nikolaev started regularly filming one-hour videos. The camera captured the streets and premises, nature and urban spaces of Russia and Finland—day and night, winter and summer. The idea was to shift the focus: the place itself and its life became the main character. If a person happened to be there, it means it was that person who interrupted the life of the place, and not the other way around. This understanding became relevant with the pandemic changing people's plans when travelling freely stopped being an option and people were forced to see the same spaces every day.

The audiovisual installation will be presented at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. Visitors will see videos of different places from pre-Covid life and will be able to explore specific days, learning at what time the sun rose and how the temperature varied. Each place will have its own sound: composer ??? wrote N musical fragments according to the number of videos. Mosses hold a special place in the installation's space: these ancient inhabitants of the Earth seem to remind us of the times when the place existed without the presence of man in it.
Creative Team
  • Authors of the project: Pavel Pryazhko, Ivan Nikolaev, Alena Starostina
  • Curator: Alena Starostina
  • Composer: Dmitry Vlasik
  • Producer: Ksenia Volkova