Performances by a laboratory of young composers and playwrights
During the CoOPERAtion-2021 laboratory of young composers and playwrights, teenage authors aged 12 to 17 have created eight chamber operas. Throughout the two-week laboratory work, teenagers got introduced to the musical theatre: they studied the stage spaces, did a large educational program, met with theatre experts, clashed with some of them in an opera battle, and met with journalists and theatre critics.
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Anime-opera "Going Back to Snowy May"
Plot: The Going Back to Snowy May opera addresses the question of self-acceptance. According to the plot, Sasha must study for a chemistry test, but she cannot stop thinking about her relationships with adults who do not want to accept that Sasha has a 'tail'. She will have to fight an internal conflict: a chemistry test is an important event in her life, but the girl cannot concentrate because of her constant thoughts about the opinions of the surrounding adults.

Creative team:
Playwright — Vasilisa Ovchinnikova
Composer — Elena Weinberg
Drama "Ricci the Lionheart, or Clown's Lions"
Plot: With the help of special technology, a touch turns into a musical score for telling a story about finding one's own language and overcoming obstacles, which in the end turn out to be imaginary. The clown was attacked by lions, and he lost his arm, instead of which they put a prosthesis, but he can't control it. He gets fired from the circus and his life goes downhill, but there is a chance to fix everything. Here, the character faces his own fears and doubts. Will he be able to get over them?

Playwright — Sofia Samsonova
Composer — Vyacheslav Zhukov
Fantasy drama "Second chance"
Plot: The message of this story is that everyone can change. The main character of the opera is a thief who, being wounded during a robbery, is in a coma. He has a dream about an explosion at a nuclear power plant and is trying to save the world, while in reality doctors and his mother, a chemist, are fighting for his life. Music expresses the conflict between these two alternative realities.

Playwrights — Fedor Glinkin and Mikhail Saulko
Composer — Anna Shatkovskaya
Drama "Spines"
Plot: The transformation of the main characters, the introverted and insecure boy Lesha and the bully Kaia, is represented by the sounds of various pitches. These sounds are transmitted through the 'porcupine's spines', to create a model of which they both had to cooperate, and thus, to change. It was the common goal that helped the main characters transform.

Playwright — Lydia Nosyreva
Composer — Elizaveta Zgirskaya
Fantasy drama "The Story of One Girl or the Story of Three?"
Plot: Tells the story of a character with dissociative identity disorder and her attempts to accept herself as a whole.
An exciting musical adventure inside the mind of a girl who feels like three different individuals at the same time. She tries to keep her identities under control since they are constantly fighting and even confronting each other.

Playwright — Maryana Leukhina
Composer — Maria Anikeeva
Fark fantasy "Khart"
Plot: A fairy tale where the main character refuses his powers and the magical future for the sake of humanity. A student of a magic college will have to evaluate his own powers and love for the mysterious magical world and understand what the world really needs and whether the use of magic is actually good. The magic ritual is shown as an installation in electronic musical form.

Playwright — Dmitry Belov
Composer — Ekaterina Steppe
Drama "No connection"
Plot: The plot addresses the eternal problem of the generational gap. A careerist father and a schoolboy son go to the forest to do the geography homework together. There, they will have to understand that misunderstanding and indifference can cost one of them their life. The sound installation recreates the world of nature the characters find themselves in and represents the harmony between the father and the son in the moment of bonding.

Playwright — Tina Toidze
Composer — Lydia-Maria Koshevaya
Drama, anti-utopia, fantasy "Miscalculation"

Plot: This is a musical narrative about what it feels like to be special. It is shown by the example of zero that was born in a world of odd and even numbers, where it turns out to be an outcast. The dystopia about differences and how to find friends in a society that doesn't understand you is turned into a musical fairy tale. Zero, the main character, was born in the world of two kingdoms that divided everything into 'even' and 'odd'. The difficulties the protagonist faces allow him to learn about his family and find a way out.

Playwrights: Anastasia Labutina and Veronika Chizhevskaya
Composer — Alexander Margolin