Running time: 1 hour 45 minutes
'I was here,' says the graffiti on the wall. And so what? Who is that person? And why did they ruin the wall?

These drawings, this meaningless set of letters — is there something behind them? A story? A person?

What is this all for?

The 4elovekvmaske_msk witness performance is about the underground, the law of the streets, and graffiti. For a graffiti artist, a trip to the capital becomes an exploration of the city, people, space, and the other side of the beautiful Moscow. Is there room for freedom in the city of control? And how do the laws of the streets and the state relate?

Well, let's see.
Creative Team
Director — Kirill Lyukevich

Actor, designer — Nikita Kasyanenko

Playwright — Nastasya Fedorova

Producer — Vasily Sevastyanov