A collaborative project between the International Festival & School TERRITORIЯ and Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Documenting the everyday
Theatre of the museum’s territory

Tying up shoelaces, washing up hands, opening a door with a key – the most simple everyday rituals take place automatically every single day. What if we start performing simple actions consciously, focusing our minds on the actions that we usually consider insignificant?

Theatre POST and its artistic director Dmitry Volkostrelov are about to present their first exhibition on household habits and conventions that have fallen off the radar of people’s attention. Artists will place routines of everyday life in the white box of the museum in order to refresh something that is considered unimportant, unexciting and devoid of meaning, so that we could bring consciousness back into our everyday actions. 

What does theatre look like when finding itself in a museum of modern art? Remember this is an exhibition, not a spectacle. A director finds himself in a museum and starts acting in the capacity of a curator, an ideologist and an artist. Audience is no longer a passive observer but becomes a meaningful part of the exposition – without them, this work will simply cease to exist. Surveillance cameras constantly monitor all actions performed by visitors walking through the exhibition. Such close examination takes all these simple actions - so habitual, so ordinary – into a different realm, the space of artistic reflection on an everyday reality so often neglected.


Director; founder of Theatre POST in St Petersburg; graduate of Lev Dodin’s course. Dmitry’s performances have received multiple nominations for Golden Mask theatre awards and in 2013 Dmitry Volkostrelov was awarded the jury’s special prize at the Golden Mask Festival .

Theatre POST

Theatre POST is an independent theatre group founded in 2011 by a graduate of Lev Dodin’s course at The Russian State Institute of Performing arts in St Petersburg - Dmitry Volkostrelov. It connects a group of emerging young actors – Dmitry’s contemporaries. One of the Theatre POST work objectives is to bring contemporary art and theatre closer together, to search for a new theatre language and explore the modern world with theatre’s help. Dmitry Volkostrelov’s shows are often performed in museum spaces. The Everyday. Simple Actions will be the first exhibition by Theatre POST. 

The project is supported by the Foundation of Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantine Sorokin.

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