Ruslan Malikov, was born in Saint Petersburg in 1972, in 1998 he graduated from the Moscow State University for Culture and Art in theatre directing. The group of graduates of that year was transformed into the DSV Students Theatre and Studio at the Moscow University Cultural Centre, where Ruslan Malikov staged the following productions: Time and the Conways by J. B. Priestley, The Little Red Riding Hood by E. Shwarts, Sakhalin’s Wife by E. Gremina. Recently he staged Its Easy to Quit at the Theatre of Nations, about people that have overcome drug addiction. Now he is working with the same team on the next project called ‘Touchables’ - about the adaptation of the deaf-blind in society. ‘Its Easy to Quit’ stands out among other Russian documentary performances because of its ‘witness theatre’ genre. There are no actors on stage, but the real characters themselves, giving the audience the story straight from its source. 

During this workshop the director will tell about his experience working in documentary theatre.