“Wild Darkness” is a delicate chain of images, silhouettes, words, sounds, bodies; it is the variations related to the idea of death — sometimes grotesque, sometimes dramatic as in Fellini films. The production is constructed as a pictorial and musical (Frank Sinatra's hit, court minuet by Lully, blues and Bach) collage with a central part — Death in Venice.

The director, Pippo Delbono, a laureate of a famous “Europe Theatre Prize“ in nomination „New Theatrical Realities”, is one of the main rebels in European theatre. Almost every work he releases causes a burst of indignation and delight simultaneously. One of the principal stars in his famous company is Bobo, a deaf mute, who had spent over forty years in a mental hospital; among other participants there are Gianluca, a young man with Down's syndrome, and a former tramp, who still suffers from dystrophy, although he has improved after many years of theatre life. Productions by Delbono are sharp, provocative, social, often breaking the limits of what is permitted in art, they will leave the public enlightened.