The Energy of Creativity

This masterclass is looking closely at the process of making a performance; it studies the anatomy of a creative act. Through working together the participants will make a collective attempt to grasp the essence of improvisation and partnership, as well as various other skills that help to create a production that’d fascinate the audience. The students will explore this very basic vital energy exchange, as we call it now, or in the words of Stanislavsky, the process of absorbing and emitting the beam.

Andrey Uraev teaches at the Moscow Art Theatre Drama School and at the High School of Performing Arts, founded by Kostantin Raikin. He has been making work in Russia as well as abroad (Germany, England and France). As a movement director he worked on more than 50 shows and films; he staged numerous battle scenes in theatre and movies, and also made several theatre performances as a director. Andrey Uraev regularly gives workshops where he explores the ways to physically train a performer. He is taking Stanislavsky’s method as the basis.