Performance opened December 20th 2014 
Running time — 50 minutes 

'Pastime Paradise' — is a performance about the gone childhood, about the “winged swings” that take your reminiscences away; the swings that can bring you back to the “Pastime paradise” if you manage to catch them. 

Almost all the Dialogue Dance Company’s performances are dealing with the theme of love to a certain extent”, claim the dancers themselves. And the same goes for the “Pastime paradise” — it’s a performance about love and happiness. The big challenge for the performers is to stay unpredictable and surprising for the whole time of the show yet to stay synchronized in their work with the hardest dancing material. 
Pastime paradise is not a dancing performance per se, it’s a non-verbal, physical theatre where the structure of movement is a lot harder than the dance, where all the potential of body and one’s physical capacities are needed to the full. 

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The performance is created with support of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation, Mikhail Prokhorov Fund, Institut Francais de Russie, French Embassy in Russia and Wallonie Bruxelles International.