The Theatre of Nations and the Territoria Festival present the premiere of My anomaly – the performance which takes place on 2, 3 October on the Small stage of the Theatre of Nations. This is a co-production of the Kostroma dancing studio “Dialogue Dance”, Moscow rock-band J. Hellboy and Estonian choreographer and performer Mart Kangro. The performance questions the concepts of “ anomaly” in nowadays society, the norm and “deviance”, the majority and minority. Therefore the name “Dialogue Dance” speaks for itself, revealing the ideas of dialogue, interaction, and overcoming the differences.

Mart Kangro, the director: 
“I am interested not only in the anatomy of the body, but in sociality. Sociality does not end beyond one’s skin. I am interested in humans the way they are, with all their characteristics, their friends, music they listen to, the way they live and breathe”.

My anomaly is a cross-disciplinary theatrical project, where documentary theatre meets contemporary dance, live rock music and video art. The actors talk about their private issues, their own “abnormalities”. This approach is truly logical today, when the leading choreographers turn to neighbouring arts.