This year The Territory Festival decided to arrange an unprecedented event. A British director Alex Dower will arrive in Perm Penal Colony № 29 and together with the prisoners will be rehearsing the production that will be released within the festival. Alex Dower has worked in 50 general and high security prisons of England and Ireland. His company accepted young and old prisoners, recidivists, robbers, murderers and others. The theatre director believes in the therapeutic nature of theatre, and believes that creative activities develop practical, psychological and social skills, which are very important in the process of recovery and social rehabilitation.

The production of Alex Dower will consist of three parts: a story by Isaac Babel “My First Goose“, a story by Anton Chekhov „The Fish” and a documental play, created by the participants themselves in the colony. The audience will be formed from the prisoners' relatives and guests of the festival. The premiere will be translated in real time on a big screen located outside the prison, in the Perm Museum of Contemporary Art.