Taketeru Kudoh is a leading performer of Japanese dance Butoh. The secrets and techniques of this dance Kudoh got directly from the creators of this unique trend. Butoh, “the dance of darkness”, was invented in the middle of the past century in Japan. There are no jumps, no bounds, no spinning. Distorted, uncoordinated movements, which seem to vanish in space — this is the foundation of Butoh technique. Also, intentional lethargic movements, inner concentration and calm contemplation reveal the ancient traditions, related to Noh Theatre and Hokku verses.

«A Karman Exposer — Gozarashi» — is one of Kudoh's latest works. It is the dancing solo, where he performs both as a choreographer and dancer. The concept of this piece occurred to Kudoh suddenly when he was travelling to Tohoku. There, in a small village garden of his grandfather, he saw the ancient statues of gods. And an impulse immediately occurred — to create a performance, based on the collision of ancient wise and powerful tradition and contemporary civilization. Kudoh believes that people of the modern world are separated from traditions and this is what destroys a person. “Gozarashi” literally signifies a person, who endangers his karma (it is what one says about someone who does something wrong). The performance of Kudoh tells precisely about this conflict between two opposite origins: wise nature and wild present. And no one knows which one will win in this battle.