The group of students at the Moscow Art Theatre Drama School under the supervision of Dmitry Brusnikin has become a sensation of the last few years. Still in the beginning of their training, his students performed a documentary show - This is Also Me - that was invited to become part of the repertoire at Praktika Theatre. From the very beginning Brusnikin’s students were given an opportunity to work with the young teachers as well as work with various directors in very different styles. By the time they graduated from the Drama School they had already accumulated a full-bodied and diverse repertoire of their own. Amongst Brusnikin students’ shows there are – Second Vision, a piece based on the paintings by Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov; Red Cavalry, a piece of physical and music theatre made by Maxim Didenko; SLON (lit. an Elephant) – an experimental project of Andrey Stednikov; Revolt, built on Dmitry Prigov’s texts, and several other works.

Dmitry Brusnikin’s masterclass is divided into two parts – the first one is all about the acting technique based on improvisation. The second one is about verbatim way of working – it aims at creating a text - and then a performance - based on the interviews with real people.

Dmitry Brusnikin’s former students – now teachers at the Moscow Art Theatre Drama School – Sergey Scshedrin and Alexey Rozin - will also take part in the workshop.