Photo — Daniele and Virginia Antonelli

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Vsevolod Meyerhold Theatre Center
At 23, Novoslobodskaya Street
“ricci/forte“ company (Italy) with “GRIMMLESS“ 

The stagings of the company “ricci/forte” exist on the borderline between the visual, choreographic, drama and musical theatres. This year „THE TERRITORIYA” brings the famous Italian troupe's trademark production of „Grimmless”. The old tales by the Grimm brothers are reinterpreted into the modern parlance and acted out as a review of dramatic private stories of the participants in the play. The stage erupts with the actors' joie de vivre but what at first looks like an almost youthful ardor quite imperceptibly changes into unfeigned despair whereas the athletic mobility of the mise-en-scenes all of a sudden acquires mysterious choreographic harmony in the style of Carravagio's canvases. Naked bodies painted in gold, heaps of apples, shouts and music, images superimposed upon images — all these are the instruments used by the troupe to explore the nature of the modern man.

The company is named after its founders Stefano Ricci and Gianni Forte. The stagings of  “ricci/forte” that has no regular stage of its own have been seen in Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Croatia, Slovenia and Rumania. In the six years of its existence the company has turned out about 15 productions and received over 10 awards at various theatre festivals.

Warning: not recommended for persons under 18.

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