SOUNDRAMA studio is a group of like-minded people – musicians, composers, choreographers, actors and sound designers. Music and sound are at the basis of creativity in the studio. It is sound that becomes the point of departure for the synthetic theatre of Soundrama, its aesthetics and genre peculiarities. Apart from making theatre shows and composing music for films and theatre productions, Soundrama takes part in creating one-time events for theatre and music, does performances, makes recordings and leads workshops.

Regular workshops - that develop control over body & voice, teach how to interact within a group of performers etc. - are crucial for the creative life of any Soundrama member; it is also an essential part of the creative process when making a new show.

Soundrama is happy to share their way of workshopping that has been developed and is widely used in the Studio. They will communicate their accumulated knowledge about the musical nature of theatre, their perceptual experience of theatre reality and the way of being present on stage. The workshop will be lead by Vladimir Pankov and Sergey Rodukov, composer and musical director of Soundrama.