Duration: 1 hour, no intermission
In the early summer of 2017, the theatre «Balet Moskva» will show the premiere of the contemporary ballet rising stars of world choreography by Robert Binet.

Robert Binet – persona grata the ballet world. Now, 25 years Robert has created performances for the New York City Ballet, The Royal Ballet (Covent Garden), The National Ballet of Canada, Het Nationale Ballet (Netherlands), The Hamburg Ballet and other international ballet companies. On stage – the theatre «Balet Moskva».

The action of the ballet moved to the present day, and collected on the path of life and emotional world of the wife of the protagonist of Pozdnysheva. The heroine is reinvented as a woman who sacrificed personal ambitions for the sake of taking care of her family.

The interpretation of history based on the Tolstoy quote: «Music makes me forget myself, my true situation, it transports me somewhere else, not my position; I am under the influence of music it seems that I feel that I actually do not feel that I understand what I don’t understand that you can what you can’t».

  • Choreographer — Robert Binet