“Poets! The Constituent Assembly calls upon you to compete for the title of the King of Poetry! The title of the King of Poetry will be awarded as a result of a general, direct, equal and secret voting”, read the announcements put up all over Moscow on February 27th, 1918. This was the first, legendary poetical evening in the history of the Polytechnical museum — The Poetry King's Election. There were two finalists Vladimir Mayakovsky and Igor Severyanin. Severyanin was elected in an open vote. The Poetry King's Election opened the door to a series of poetical evening in the Great Lecture Hall of the Polytechnical museum, where the poets and the public could engage in direct dialogue, and condemnation or support, acceptance or refusal were stated right there and then.

This year the Territory festival in conjunction with the Polytechnical Museum is organizing its own Poetical Elections. Several contemporary poets of different styles, schools, ages and traditions, will be competing for the poetical laurel wreath. They will be helped in battle by a large support group of artists, musicians, and painters and of course fans.