Joint project of the School of Dramatic Art and the Territory Festival

The Laboratory of Dmitry Krymov is a unique Moscow theatre troupe. It emerged from a pedagogic project and formed under the roof of Anatoly Vasiliev's School of Dramatic Art: giving his own course in Russian Academy of Theatre Arts GITIS, Dmitry Krymov involved the his students, scenery designers, into creating theatre, soon actors joined them. Today there are seven productions in the Laboratory's repertoire. “The Demon. View From Above”, «OPUS 7: 1. Genealogy. 2. Shostakovich» — these productions, created with the support of The Territory Festival, have gained a number of prestigious awards for the theatre. Among them there are The Crystal Turandot Award (2007, 2009) and The Golden Mask Award (in nomination “Innovation”).

At the 4th Territory Festival the Laboratory of Dmitry Krymov will present its new work — “The Death of a Giraffe“. The subheading “Collective composition” was created by the director. Seven people, both actors and authors of the text led by set designer Vera Martynova and director Dmitry Krymov, are telling a sad, absurd story about a loneliness of a person. A Giraffe died. His relative and acquaintances came to his funeral. They are standing by the grave of the Giraffe and recalling… There are no dialogues. Nobody is talking to anyone else. The performance consists of seven monologues: sad, funny, tragic, strange, touching and sincere.


The production is made with the help of Moscow Cultural Centre „ART-MIF”